General Industry What we offer programs for you Occupational Safety and Health Training Program 30 hours • • 30 hours of training in occupational safety and health • Stakeholders: engineers, managers, supervisors, technicians and those interested in the field of public safety, occupational health, factories, and companies. • Public safety materials will be presented as well as some devices used in the measurement • Training on first aid and a special game for that, displaying the ambulance bag and its contents • Training in firefighting using fire extinguishers, if available, in a safe place and according to the types used Showing educational films about the training material. No Course name Duration Examination Certificate National /International Course Material and Outline General industry 30 hours 4 to 5 days Post and pre No. Course name Course material Out line 01 General industry 30 hours Definition of Chemical Hazards • Identification of hazard • Factors that increase the hazard of substances • Ways of entry into the body • Methods of obtaining information MSDS • Ways to avoid chemical hazards Symptoms of exposure to the substance 02 Handling flammable liquids • Classification of flammable liquids Methods of controlling ignition sources • Storage • handling 03 Compressed gases Types of compressed gases • Hazards of compressed gases •Methods of prevention of gas • Storage Methods 04 PPE Personal protective equipment’s • Introduction • Methods of risk control • Before use Types of personal protective equipment 05 Electrical safety and health • Terms in Electricity Injuries caused by electricity • Electricity Hazards 06 Personal tools and equipment’s • Responsibilities • Technician Responsibilities ..Types of personal tools • Hand tools • Dangers of hand tools • The dangers of electrical tools 07 Machine guarding • Responsibilities • Causes of machine accidents • places of danger • Methods of protection • Protection requirements 08 Welding safety • Welding Hazards • smoke and gases • Electroshocks • Radiation • noise • Burns and fire 09 Lock Out Tag Out • Definitions The five deadly causes when carrying out repair or maintenance work •Types of energy • Closing steps •carrying out work • Specifications of Lock tools or tags ( label) 10 Confined Spaces • Define confined spaces • Definition of entry Causes of deaths in confined spaces • Types of confined spaces • types of dangers • Pre-entry •Access 11 Back protection • Safe Methods of loading material and carrying • Methods of lifting materials • Safe Methods of lifting 12 Heat and Cold protection • Ways the body obtains heat • Methods of cooling the body • Conditions that affect the body’s cooling system • Health problems related to the heat • Ways to prevent extreme heat • The real indicator of heat 13 First Aid • Definition of First Aid First aid goals • Correct handling of the injured • BEFORE HELP • When providing assistance • bleeding • Shock Muscle sprain and tear • Fractures and dislocations of the joints • poisoning • electric shock • Chemical burns First-degree burns • Second-degree burns Third-degree burns Burns treatment 14 Firefighting • Fire Triangle • fire rating • Types of fire extinguishers • fire response Evacuation