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We supports the ongoing development and maintenance of a safe working environment and the management of the risks to employees including:

  • Training
  • consultation
  • injury prevention including consultation, advice and education on safety and health issues
  • injury management including workers’ compensation claims management
  • prevention and management of occupational violence program
  • ergonomics
  • pre-employment health assessments
  • We have good experience in putting plans and drawing for building evacuation studies, training, accurate light studies inside the offices, hospitals, hotels, etc… using lux meter, studies for sound level meter, and thermometer, how to use safety equipment’s, uniforms, safety signs and signs.
  • Certified from Ministry of Labor as specialist in Health and safety supervision,
  • registered in the Directorate of Civil Defense under No.# 125sh.

– Our Mission:

  •  Our aim is to make your work place safer.
  • We are committed to provide our customers with all the safety and preventive means to minimize injuries and suffering.
  •  We are committed to supply a high quality reliable product.

– Our Strategy:

  • To be pioneers in providing our customers with the proper technology and give the best available service and after sales.
  • We are committed to quality products, quality service and quality after sales.
  • We offer expertise with good experience in the field.
  • We are committed to delivery in full compliance with the customer Requirements.
  • We supply a comprehensive range of personal safety, uniforms, firefighting Equipment.
  • We have experience team to install Fire Fighting Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Auto Dialing Systems, and Camera control Systems, Sound Systems, and Maintenance for it.
  • We are ready to provide you with plans and training for staff evacuation, how to use extinguisher brands.
  • We are continuously following up our growing corporate needs and plans to maintain
  • A high level of support to our customers.
  • We serve a wide variety of public services and industries; this includes the fire fighting brigades, rescue teams, chemical manufacturing industries, the pharmaceutical, steel, mining sectors, refineries, shipping, construction, agriculture, municipal services, airports, electric utilities, water service, law enforcement and the military.
  • Our safety and fire fighting products help in providing a high level of protection from fire, field injuries, toxic gases, industrial pollution, and hazards of rescue operations from heights and minimize property damage.
  • We have a variety of cameras and camera cards, D.V.R stand alone, test tools and instruments, and all safety related equipment.