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Welcome to our new website.

Here you can learn more about our services, read case studies on how we work with our clients in a partnership to ensure the highest levels of service and satisfaction. Visit our training section and contact section to schedule your next training and to learn more about our new training program.

Special Missions for General Safety – Jordan is a nationally recognized professional service organization that provides workplace safety consulting, safety training, safety staffing, safety program planning and implementation.
Our services give you remarkable flexibility in meeting your needs. is one of the Jordanian specialized Est.

Special Missions for General Safety was formed in 2007 as a safety services provider for Jordanian market and Gulf Region, development of a comprehensive for a companies in the region. This process was utilized to manage contractor safety

Nearly ten years later, Special Missions for General Safety  has grown to be one of the largest privately held professional safety service companies in the Jordan and the Region. Our services have evolved from that first to now address most aspects of safety for all sizes of customers in multiple industries. Whether you need safety consulting assistance, project safety staffing services, safety training, a corporate safety appraisal, incident investigations, or expert witness testimony, we have the experience and resources to assist you and your team.

* Special Missions for General Safety is Registered in Jordan Civil Defense. Installing, repairing, and sales of Fire Fighting equipment, Fire Alarm System and all related items.

* Certified by Jordan Ministry of Labor in Occupational Safety and Health Institute .

* Certified by as International Trainers HSES

* Authorized Trainer Occupational Safety and Health different programs with high performance, For Jordan region and around countries

*Authorized trainer from International College in London