ICL- UK 30 hours Construction Safety and Health

OSHA standard 30-Hour General Construction Safety Course

Course duration: 30 hours as a minimum
Introduction: This course for those professions who are interested in obtaining
an OSHA standard completion certificate, where attendees will be introduced to
OSHA policies, procedures and standards as well as general construction safety and
health principles covered under OSHA standard for construction (29CFR 1926).
Special emphasis will be placed on areas most hazardous using OSHA standards as
a guide.
Certification: Upon successful completion of this OSHA standard accepted course, the
attendees will receive an official OSHA standard 30-Hour General Construction course completion certificate.
Who should attend: This course is ideal for foremen, engineers, safety
managers, safety committees’ members, supervisors with safety and health
responsibilities, and for employee safety and health awareness.
Pre-requisite: Those with prior experience working on construction sites will
be an added benefit to the group as others may benefit from their valuable input.
At the end of this training course the trainees shall be able to:
 State the purpose of the OSHA Act and list the function of OSHA standard
 Identify construction sites hazards and implement preventative measures
 Describe the rights and responsibilities of employer and employees under the
OSHA standard Act
 Understand the requirements for compliance with the various general
construction standards
 Work in a safer manner.
Program Training Methods:
 Theoretical Lectures (Power Point Presentations)
 Team Participation
 Practical Workshops.
Supporting Equipment’s: To effectively interact with the attendants, an LC
projector, and a flip chart with markers need to be provided to the trainer.
Instruction Materials
Attendees shall receive the Basic Construction Safety training manual.

Course Outline Training hours Subject
2.0 hours Introduction to OSHA standard
4.0 hours Fall Protection
1.0 hours Electrical Hazards
1.0 hours Equipment Guarding
0.5 hours Struck by Hazards
2.0 hours Personal Protective Equipment
2.0 hours Concrete Hazards
2.0hours Health Hazards in Construction
1.0 hours Stairways and Ladders
1.0 hours Hand and Power Tools
1.0 hours Welding and Cutting
2.0 hours Scaffolds
2.0 hours Cranes, Derricks, and Hoists
2.0 hours Confined Space Entry
2.0 hours Excavation
2.5 hours Fire Protection and Prevention
2.0 hours Materials Handling, Storage and Use.