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NAME : DR. Muhammad Amin  “Schumann Al-Khatib”

G.M. Training Center Manager, International Trainer, Consultant, Advisor,


SPECIAL MISSIONS for General Safety


Training Manager: … Evaluate organizational performance to ensure that training is meeting business needs and improving performance. Assess employees’ skills, performance and productivity to identify areas of improvement. Drive brand values and philosophy through all training and development activities.

 CENTER MANAGERS:To  make sure our team does its best to meet customer needs by giving helpful tips on a product, making recommendations on how to resolve customer issues, taking orders and facilitating returns, troubleshooting problems and answering complaints.

 Certified HSE International Trainer: design training programs to provide safety awareness education. HSE officers give presentations about current safety hazards based on market research to educate others about avoiding health, safety, and environmental hazards. HSE officers recruit and train new HSE crew members.

 General Industry and construction  safety and health training provider  (all related subjects like scaffold, and excavation, building safety and security training, store safety).

 Health and safety consultant promotes a positive health and safety culture in the workplace. Rresponsible for ensuring that risks in the workplace are controlled and that organizations are successfully meeting safety standards. Developing and implementing organizational safety programs.

HSE field of studies,are  sound level meter, thermo meter, humidity and dry heat, lux meter, electro magnate meter, wend and more field studies, fire alarm systems and fire fighting systems,camera control, hazard studies.

Screen control room and cameras control and system operation.

March 2007- 2020 General Manager /Owner, Management and training, consultation, sales and marketing

 Special Missions for General Safety Amman Jordan

  • Authorized instructor OSHA – USA
  • International College of London
  • Quality Assurance Center M. o. Labor- Jordan, Occupational Safety and Health trainer.

IKBAL SAFETY CENTER 1st of Sept2005 to 30th of Feb 2007 Sales & Marketing Division Following up with Government, Factories and Companies for sales & marketing and tenders, attending training seminars and Performing presentation in the Vocational Training Corp. (Occupational Safety & Health Institute) providing them with information about their needs of products

SUKHTIAN GROUP – (HTM Co.) Households & Toiletries Mfg. Co.2004

International Sales & Marketing Division – Regional Manager

 AL-KIFAH GROUP – Al-Kifah Carton Box Factory (Printing & Packaging) K.S.A. 05/09/1998 to 23 /11/2003, Marketing Mgr. (Riyadh & Dammam Region) Regional Sales Manager (Western Province) Jeddah, Mecca, Madenah, Etc (Middle province) Riyadh, Qassim, Alkharj. Doing all of the sales & marketing follow up, Collection, and submitting statement to the customer, and follow up delivery’s, orders, samples etc…

National Stationary Industries – Amman – Sahab 14/10/1997 – 1998 Sales

Al-Sanabel Advertising Material Co. Amman – 1995 Sales Department.

The Regency Palace Hotel – Amman 1994 – 1995 Receptionist Fax & PBX Operator

Jeddah Marriott Hotel – Jeddah K.S.A. 23/01/1989 to 23/03/1993 Front Office Receptionist FAX & PBX Operating, (Business Center Secretary, Typing & Translation).

Amman Marriott Hotel – Amman 1988 – 1989 Front Office Dept (Receptionist, Fax& PBX operator)

EDUCATION and Training Programs:

Nixon University – Doctor of Philosophy in Occupational Safety and Health

USA 2011

Global Initiative for Humanitarian Leadership Certificate of Honorary DOCTORATE – JORDAN 30/08/2011

OSH Academy – Occupational Safety and Health Training – USA Authorized Trainer – Jordan and region country’s

OSH Academy 132 – Hrs Professional 30/08/2011

OSH Academy 48 – Hrs Manager 29/08/2011

OSH Academy 36 – Hrs Trainer 23/08/2011

OSH Academy 36 – Hrs Team Leader 27/08/2011

OSH Academy 32 – Hrs Team Manager 27/08/2011

OSH Academy OHSAS 18001 Train the Trainer

OSHA 30 hours General Industry (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) USA) 2011

Occupational Safety and Health Training Certificate 240hours two certificates 2010

Registered (Safety and Health Supervisor) Ministry of Labor-Jordan

BA. Business Admin. East Univ. Manila-Philippine 1992

Diploma – Sight & Sound Education Ltd. Amman 1989


– The London Academy for Training and Education Project Management Professional (PMP Workshop) on 08-09/2020 code 7005

– Arab Gulf Union training (Human Development (lifestyle) 21st April 2020

– Community Peace Association (Crises Management and Covid19 and its role in the community peace.13/05/2020

– Arab Gulf Union Training (Public Relations Skills) 08/05/2020

– Arab Gulf Union Training (Human Resource Management) 10/05/2020

– Arab Gulf Union Training (PowerPoint Skills Professional Trainer) 19/05/2020

-The London Academy for Training and Education (Basic of Voluntary work) 26/06/2020

– Arab Gulf Union Training and Education (The Art of diction and presentation, Time management and self-development, creative thinking, effective communication skills).

– Arab Gulf Union Training and Education (Crisis Management, Human Development, Human Resource Management, Strategic Planning, Preparing Leads).

– Arab Gulf Union training and Education (Professional Trainer, Presentation skills, Public Relations Work Skills).

 – Ministry of Health (Prince Hamzah Hospital) Risk Management 20 hours 23-28l06l2019.

– Ministry of Health (Prince Hamzah Hospital) ACLS Advance Cardiac Life Support 20 hours 15-30/04/2019.

– Ministry of Health (Prince Hamzah Hospital) Quality in Helath Care 20 hours 20-28/03/2019.

(ICRC) International Committee of the Red Cross, Amman Jordan Safer Access and Emergency Respond Exercise        17th – 18th March 2014

– Saudi Arabia – Certificate from (Saudi Red Crescent Authority) First Aid Training 2002

Sales Standard for Sales Managers – Ford International USA 1992

– Safety Training Course for Managers and Supervisors – bmy USA 1993

Property Management System 1&2 Marriott Training Center 1991

–  Total Quality Management 1&2 Marriott Training Center 1990

Secretary Training Courses Sight and Sound Education Ltd. 1989


Database operation: Microsoft Office


Computer Skills using deferent programs.

English & Arabic Typing

Telecommunication, Tel/Fax/Office skills operating.

Creative and maintaining electronic items as possible.

Installing cameras, fire fighting systems and fire alarm systems, maintenance, safety signs, Inspection on the site, building, Hospitals, Company’s Meeting Rooms for light, Heat, and Sound level meter, All Safety material training and inspection.



Marriott General Manager thanks letter

Marriott Guarding the Fort Certificate.

FORD NAAO Export Sales, USA, H.Q. Certificate.

War in Gulf Recognition Certificate.

BMY Combat System (Harsco – USA)

Appreciation Certificate, Saudi Red Crescent society (Volunteer in Haj1423H).

Appreciation Certificate, Saudi Red Crescent society (Riyadh terror attack).

Appreciation Letter, Vocational Training Corp. (Occupational Safety & Health Institute). Amman – Jordan. Oct 2006

Appreciation Certificate, Ministry of Labor (anticipate in National Occupational Safety & Health week) Amman – Jordan. July 2007.


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